New Home Place

Making your new home purchase EASY. Lacey Stark is a real estate broker who specialize in new home sales. I am committed to helping our customers realize their dream of owning a new home. I take the time to explain the new home construction process and attend to all of the details required to complete the transaction. My knowledge of new home sales was acquired by years of experience in real estate and new construction.

The New Home Buying Process

We work with each client to make sure that home buying is a smooth, successful process. Below are the steps we take.

  1. Discuss Needs and Desires
  2. Determine Price Range
  3. Preview Floor Plan and Communities
  4. Discuss Homes and Lots Available
  5. Discuss Standard Features and Options Available
  6. Discuss Sales Prices
  7. Discuss Allowances and Upgrades
  8. Calculate Sales Price of Your Selected Home
  9. Discuss Lenders and Loan Process
  10. Discuss the Construction Process and Approximate Time Frame
  11. Fill out your Sale/Earnest Money Agreement

Lacey Stark with Charlene Helton (founder)